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As ghostwriter,
Jorg Bobsin was
secretly involved
in a couple of International Bestsellers,
officially written by some
of the most important people in the world.

"Journalist colleagues ask me often, if  
- as the genuine author of a VIP's life book,
which often makes headlines -
I don't find it annoying to remain anonymous?

I answer in the negative, and this is sincerely meant!

But I am  the more amused when watching the respective VIP reading from "her" book
on Ellen DeGeneres or Jimmy Kimmel,
and then being praised for her pictorial description,
receiving great applause from the studio audience......

And in doing so,
in my thoughts I thank my friend and mentor
(who sadly passed away much too soon),
U.S. star attorney Melvin M. Belli from San Francisco,
who, after the successful premiere of my book about him.....

......recommended me as ghostwriter  
to his countless famous clients.

Until these days, their word of mouth did everything else!"

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